Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Throwback : Food Poisoning anddddd.. pregnant. [Part 1]


Entry ini memang untuk throwback je sebenarnya. 

This happened over a year ago where I have no idea, i mean... seriously, I have NO freaking idea that I was pregnant. I've known for a while that if you're an exclusive breastfeeding mother, you have like zero chance of getting pregnant.

As long as you still and exclusively breastfeed your baby.

Well.. at least that is what I thought.

Until I spoke to a friend who is a doctor that advice me to take urine pregnancy test. And thats because I told her that I am 2 months late. My period never come late. I mean.. NEVER. Not a day or two. NEVER!

So that night I secretly did the urine test. Just to be sure. You know, since I am 2 months late, I dont have to wait early in the morning just to be sure my HCG level is bla bla bla (you will know about this thing if you are a TTC couple). So there I go. Did my urine test.



Phewww. Im not pregnant. OK.


Im not OK. I thought I going to be relieved by the result. Instead, I just want to get pregnant. I love baby. But Im not sure if I could handle 2 babies at a time.

Weeks pass by and I thougt Im having a food poisoning. That night after I went home, I pass Adhwa to my husband and I go straight to my room. No, im not sleepy. Im just not feeling well.

Im having a bad diarrhea. BAD BAD BAD diarehhea.
I keep going in and out of the toilet more than 5 times that night and I cried so hard. One - is because I could not handle the pain. Two - is because Adhwa still breastfeeding and she needed me.

The next day I can never stand the pain and after we sent Adhwa to her babysitter, we go straight to Pantai Hospital and look for Gastroenterology Specialist. 

 He goes the interview session with Dr Tan :

Dr Tan : Hi, how are you doing today?
Aku : Im having a bad diarrhea.
Dr Tan : How many times you went to toilet? When it start?
Aku : Yesterday. More than 10 times.
Dr Tan : More than 10? Are you sure? 

OK. Dia terkejut. Then baru dia observe muka aku. Tengok bibir aku yang kering giler then start to write something on his file. 

Sambil-sambil tu dia mintak aku bukak mulut aku untuk check weather Im having dehydration or not. He also check on my temperature - and Im not having fever.

To my horror, he asked :

"Are you pregnant?"
"I dont think so. Im breastfeed my baby, so no - I dont think Im pregnant,"

"When was the last first day of your period?" Ehhh dia tanya lagi. Kan dah aku cakap aku tak pregnant?

"That was 2 months ago. But then again, Im a breastfeeding mother" 

The conversation ended. Until he ask me if Im keen to be hospitalized for further observation. 
So that night aku pun bermalam di hospital Pantai. 
My husband came with Adhwa. And toto. And a beg full of my clothes and Adhwa's diaper.

To be continue..


Nurul Shahira said...

Tunggu sambungan cerita ni :)
P/s: Adsense tu. Cuba edit blog according to email adsense. Ada adsense state dalam email kenapa disapprove. Lepas edit, cuba apply lagi :)

Aladin said...

terima kasih. akan dicuba sampai dapat. :)

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