Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fashion Ring

Do you love fashion?

I do! I do!

But only on rings.

People willing to spent so much money on ring. Be it silver ring, platinum ring, golden ring... you name it, we have it.

Apart from being a mother and a wife, and also a slave (ohh yes Im ma slave..) to my current company that I worked with for almost 5 years now, I have venture to a new arena. 


Yepp that's right. 

Aku dah cuba drop ship. It worked for me. But then it makes me spent my time mostly on facebook or instagram for trying to get buyer. I've been into many groups in facebook especially just to sell my item. But then again.. too much time on facebook and I dont really like that attitude. Sometimes I have to steal my work time and really, I don't like it.

Jadi aku decide untuk jual what girl / women want. Hehe
Fashion Ring!
Yes Yes Yes.

And because Im still new with this business, it took me a while before I managed to get my own follower and regular customer. I try to maintain a good buyer-seller relationship. I try to improve the packaging and maintain the price.

Honestly, Im just the ikan bilis.
I could not compete with the shark.

My initial deal was, I will charged my customer with flat rate of postage. Be it in West Malaysia or East Malaysia. Mind you, East Malaysia postage is RM10! And Im using Pos Laju for all delivery.
First few months, the packaging was..
1. Put the ring in a small plastic. 
2. Put the plastic in a small pouch. (When I say small, I mean it. It really is SMALL).
3. Put the pouch in poslaju plastic. You know, the RM6 one.

And after I managed to get the crowd, I try to improve the packaging. This time, there will be NO plastic, but the ring will be placed in the pouch, and keep in a small DIY box.

Im trying to clear the stocks before adding more designs into my collection. 
Trust me, girl / women loves this!

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