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Kelahiran - Hospital Birth [Part 2]


Sambungan dari Part 1.

"Puan ada rasa sakit tak?" the doctor ask.

"Tapi dah 6cm ni," said the doctor.

"Kita monitor baby's heartbeat dulu ye," came the nurse. 

"Puan, heartbeat baby tak cantik la puan. Kita tukar mesin yang satu lagi ye. Jom, tukar ke katil sebelah," 

Dengan berat punggung hati, aku pun bertukar ke katil sebelah. Nurse pasang balik semula the CTG devices on me. 

"Ish.. heartbeat tak cantik ni. Puan, cuba duduk elok-elok. Jangan senget-senget badan," nurse tu kata lagi.


No problem.

Duduk je elok-elok. 
But seriously, masa tu pinging dah kebas plus nak baring pun tak bole sangat. Bukan sakit pun. Tapi tak selesa. 

Then came the doctor. Senior lady doctor - I guess.

Because the previous doctor that checked on me was briefing my case to her.

Again, this senior doctor perform VE on me.

Ok, tak sakit. Serious tak tipu.
The trick is, relax. Don't think too much about the pain.

The senior doctor almost shout to the junior doctor and nurses.

"Dah 6cm ni, kenapa tak tolak ke labour room?"

Ok. I terkejut.

"Tapi heartbeat baby tak cantik," the nurse say to her defence.

"6cm ni kan? Terus tolak labour room la. Kang beranak kat sini pulak," sambung doktor tersebut.

So off we go. 

They push my bed onto the lift. 

Tercengang jugaklah because my husband was outside waiting for me. 

On the labour room floor

"Sakit! Sakit!" 
"Sakitnya Ya Allah! Sakit!" 

Ok. Itu bukan suara aku. Hoho.

Itu suara patient yang dalam bilik bersalin. 
Boleh dengar sampai kat luar. 

Serious takut. Nak mintak epidural. Aku dah set dalam kepala, nak epidural. Tak pedulik.

Sampai labour room, nurse bagi pakaian lain. But I get to keep my seluar bersalin on me.

It was 8-ish, probably 8.15am. I don't remember the time.

"Puan dah rasa sakit ke?"
"Puan ada makan apa-apa tak harini?"
"Puan dah sakit ke?"
"Sakit tak?"
"Ada rasa macam nak buang air besar tak?"

Ok tu semua soalan berulang dari staff Hospital Ampang. 
Aku cuma geleng kepala je. Sebab tak rasa sakit. In fact, aku tak tau masa bila nak kata sakit. Sebab memang tak sakit.

Then came another Indian lady doctor. 
Again, VE was perform and she ask me,

"Puan ada minum air zam-zam ke?" muka dia a bit worried la aku rasa.
"Air yang untuk percepatkan bukaan tu.. puan ada minum air tu?" she asked again. Aku rasa dia maksudkan air selusuh. 

Ok. Suami aku ada bawak air selusuh. TAPI aku tak minum air tu.

She look at me in shock. 
"Puan ada rasa sakit?"
Aku geleng.

She ask one more time.
"Ada rasa sakit tak?
Ok. Sakit. Bukan sebab VE. Tapi sakit nak bersalin.

Aku dah angguk kepala. Laju-laju aku angguk. Sakit. Giler. Nak. Mam.

"Puan, you're 7cm dilated. Unfortunately, I could not offer any epidural because the dilation is too fast" the doctor explain.


"I want epidural" - suara aku dah kuat.

They refuse to give me epidural. Atas sebab aku dah 7cm. The the pain is just too intense.   Tapi hospital memang ada bagi gas. Kalau rasa sakit, staff suruh kita amik nafas kat gas tu. I don't feel the different pun. huhu

I look at the wall clock.
It's 8.40 am.

Allah Allah.
Sakitnya nak bersalin.
I just couldn't take it. The pain to me is unbearable. 

This time, the midwife take over as the doctor has left the room. My husband is standing next to me holding my hand and comfort me at times. 

"Push only when you feel like pushing,"

and at 850am here comes our 2nd baby, Atiyah, 3.34 kg.

The Stitch

I do not wish to scare my dear reader about how pain it was when it comes to stitch. I thought the pain is finally over after I birth out 3.34kg human. Sadly - No. 

Here comes the scariest part (after birthing - of course).
Midwife says only 3 stiches required as its only 1st degree tare. 
Yeeeelah tu. Sakit ya ampunnn..
It feels like the stitching process tooks forever to end.
Aku dijahit WITHOUT bius ye.

Di ulang.
WithOUT bius.

The funny part is.. aku bole cakap 

"Saya tak nak jahit!" 
"Kalau tak nak jahit, baik you bersalin kat rumah je," kata midwife tu.

Kuang asam betul. 

But that was it. Im not going into detail about the "jahit" so let us continue and introduce my dear reader to our little girl.

Presenting our little girl.
Atiyah binti Mohamad Hafiz 

Ummi, Bapak & Kakak Adhwa loves you so much. 

Oh yes, did I mention that both of us (my newborn & I) has been discharged around 6pm? And we waited for my dear hubby to fetch us after 8pm.

One more thing.

We actually sign up for 2nd class room, which is 4 bedded room and RM300 is required. Upon discharged, they only charged us RM20.

I guess maybe, just maybe, because we did not spent any night at the hospital.

All in all, Alhamdulillah everything goes well, even the staff are very friendly. From the doctor, nurses and even the guards are. So much love from them.

That's all for now.
Much love from me, in the office here in Putrajaya.

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