Thursday, May 26, 2016

Breastpump Services by Histopoint


Lama tak update blog.

OK, for your information, I've sent my 2 unit of breastpump (BP) for service since the suction is no longer strong like the usual. I sent my BP late April 2016 and a week later received a text saying my BP is ready.

After received the text, immediately I call the number and ask for further detail, such as how much is the charges and bla bla bla. I ask them to email to me the detail of the charges and so on. So here goes:

After I made the payment, the will courier the BP back to me.

Harganya - reasonable la I must say. Sebab it cost me only RM195 (with delivery charges) for 2 BP. Murah la kan? And acceptable la for me.

Masa dapat balik the BP, dia selit skali invoice bagi semua kerja-kerja yang disiapkan.

Seminggu je diambil untuk service 2 unit BP. 

Ok. Soalan.

Kenapa nak service BP? Adhwa (my daughter) dah 2 tahun 7 bulan. Do you still express your milk?
Jawapan : No, but Im expecting my 2nd baby in June. So this is just my preparation. But I still do breastfeed Adhwa at night time. (She's co-sleep with me).

till then.
bai bai

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