Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hospital / Mummy / Baby Bag


When did you pack your hospital bag?
I just did. Yesterday. At week 36.

What to prepare?
Here the checklist. Feel free to share if you want to.

For baby:
3 pasang baju
1 receiving blanket
1 bath towel
4-5 pcs of disposable diaper
baby wipes
milk bottle (in case you have to hand express your breast milk)

For mummy:
birth plan (hehe - natural birth katanya)
sarong (kain batik), palazo
headscarf (tudung)
nursing bra
extra undies
breast pad
maternity pad
toiletries (tooth brush, tooth paste, face wash)
bath towel
air selusuh

Since this is my 1st experience birthing in a hospital (my 1st born was a homebirth), please allow me to have a little bit of "panic issue". Homebirth does not require hospital bag kan? ha ha.


Cukup la rasanya semua tu. Bukan nak berumah tangga pun kat hospital kan?
But if you plan to give birth in a private hospital, you might have to add more items in your hospital bag. Things that you might want to bring along are :
- ipod / ipad / tablet
- nursing pillow

As for me, I planned to give birth at Hospital Ampang (gov hospital) as I dont think any private hospital will take me in should my SVT episode came back. More about my SVT episode, please read here.

As far as I know, if you have SVT history, you must have a cardiologist standby during your labour / delivery. Why? Because SVT may not be life-threatening to the mother, but IT IS life-threatening to your unborn baby. Oh ya, you must inform your doctor / gynea about your medical history as well. 

Happy birthing to me and all mothers in the world.
May we have an easy labour and a healthy baby as well.

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