Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my best friend wedding

Alhamdulillah.. segala puji bagi Allah

urusan pernikahan sahabat kami, Hamidah Abd Ghani a.k.a. Mie Cha telah selesai. Utk kami-kami yg sedia maklum dgn kisah Mie + Zuhri yg on-off, mmg agak terkejut jgk dgn keputusan Mie to tie the knot with her long term boyfriend.

Say no more, enjoy the picture taken on the akad + walimah itself.

this picture was taken err.. 15min before the akad

berjalan masuk

the cake

the DIT who came that day. However, huda zaki went home early, so we couldnt snap her picture with her baby boy.

Wishing you a happy wedding. Now, lets head back to Idura, who will be joining the "wife" group soon.

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