Thursday, October 20, 2016

Home Make Over : Wardrobe [by EverSkill Design]


Harini nak kongsi make-over wardrobe rumah kami. 
Kami masih kekalkan kontraktor yang sama iaitu Everskill Design (ED). And our wardrobe is designed by Alex. 

Our initial plan was to get :
TV Cabinet
Buil-in Wardrobe
Buit-in Desktop 

But as we browse through few other contractors, we decided to proceed with only Wardrobe with ED.

Let the picture do the talking.

3D Design by Alex (wardrobe & desktop)

Kami berbalas WhatsApp dengan Alex. Dia draw betul dah. Tapi dia paham lain. So lepas berbalas-balas tembakan.. hahaha.. maka dapatlah hasil yang seperti diingini. Diatas adalah lukisan aku yang tak professional. Muahahaha

3D Design by Alex (TV Cabinet)

Dannn hasilnya:

before : built-in wardrobe

before: inside built-in wardrobe. Nak reban rail tu.



Ok about the price, sebab from 3 item (wardrobe, tv cabinet & desktop), we only choose to proceed with 1 item. Which is the wardrobe. L-Shape to be exact.

Price : 
Melamine swing door RM1,200.00
Antijump Sliding Door Glass 7Ft & Remove 4Ft existing cabinet RM560.00
Total : RM5,120.00 (gst ED absorb)

Nak special price? Go ask for her (Alex).

Highly recommended as the finishing is flawless and the job is done within 4 hours. To contact Alex, please call Miss Alex +60 16-608 2887


ashwini said...

very nice to read this. And very nice design. before and after is very difference. look can book EVERSKILL DESIGN for my house renovation.

ashwini said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nur ashi said...

look so difference wen see the photo afta and before. so this is the contact number 016-2082887 who i can book for appointment? needed assistance

Aladin said...

0166082887 miss alex.

nur arfiqah said...

hello need quotation for my kitchen cabinet and then one more its that any payment for quotation and site visiting?

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