Friday, August 26, 2016

Kelahiran - Hospital Birth [Part 1]


It's been a while since my last post. I've been trying to find some time to write my birthing experience - a hospital birth to be exact. And now, my very first day resuming to work after 2 months of maternity leave is the only time I manage to slot in.

So here goes my birthing experience:
It was the 16th Ramadan and both my husband & I are having our sahoor at 5.15 in the morning when suddenly I feel this..
"Ct rasa air ketuban lah Yang," I said casually to my dear husband who has just finish his meal. At that time, I can feel the leaking.
"OK. Sakit tak?" he asked.
"Tak pun," I replied.
"Lambat lagi kot nak beranak?" tanya suamiku lagi.
"Ye kot, time adhwa dulu pun mau 8 jam," jawabku.

Little did we know, that this baby is about to poop. 
This morning. 

At 5.30 am, I went to the toilet to check if there is any bloody show - Nope, there isn't.
Tak sempat nak melangkah keluar dari toilet, gushhhh! 

"Abid, ct rasa nak kene gi hospital la,"
"Ok, boleh solat tak? Subuh dulu la," 

Usai solat subuh, kami siapkan Adhwa. And I'm texting Adhwa's babysitter to let her know that we're going to send Adawa a bit too early today.

See the time stamp? It's 6.12 am man!

After we send Adhwa to her babysitter, we go straight away to Hospital and reached Hospital Ampang at 8am. 

Go straight to the delivery zone and register myself. Nurse kat front desk tu tanya:
"Puan datang atas urusan apa?" 
"Saya rasa macam dah nak bersalin," aku cakap.
"Macam mana tau nak bersalin dah?" tanya nurse lagi.
"Air ketuban dah keluar sikit-sikit,"
"Sakit tak?" nurse tanya lagi.

And the conversation went on and on because the nurse just has to verify my story before she ask me to change my cloth to hospital attire (I already put on my seluar bersalin).

Around 8.20am, doctor ask me to lay on the bed. Nak buat VE. Takut oi!

Just relax - said the doctor.
So I did.

"Puan ada sakit tak?"
"Tak pulak,"
"Tapi dah 6cm ni.." kata doktor lagi.


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