Wednesday, September 22, 2010



Abg ipar aku sedang dalam kebingungan on how on earth am i going to find new staff? publish on the newspaper? on facebook? so my father came with this idea, which is through

After done the hardest part, now we have filter the candidates. There are like 100 plus candidates who applied for the job. and walah!! it helps. A LOT.

But.. not sure who's fault is it, most of them are not locals (not in KL/Selangor area). I mean, we have made the job adv crystal clear that the job will be based in Mont Kiara, Solaris. Even if you dont have any single idea where that was, dont u think u should have done some research? Google Maps!

I mean, it is good for you out there if you would like to try out for the interview. But dont u think it is just a waste of money if u come all the way from Utara to KL / Pantai Timur to KL for a one day interview? well.. this is just my opinion. Even if you are coming from outside KL area, best if u state in your resume that your current address are in KL. Or maybe you can email personally to the employer who seeks for employee. Dont u think?

And please, when the employer stated that the salary range will be RM1500 - RM2000, DO NOT go for a higher salary. Some of the applicant even requested for RM3000! Please, dear job seeker, try to understand.. or I will make sure my in law reject your application.

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