Friday, April 23, 2010

NEW family addition!!


syukur atas kurniaNya. after 5 & half yrs waiting, my sister + her husband are now officially an 'Umma & Appa" hehe.

Well.. let us share "a bit" the chronology for both my sis + in-law to have the baby:

At first, my sister went to the Pakar Sakit Puan hear in private hospital to try to conceive. And then after few tests, doctor found out that her womb is love shape which is abnormal, she only have 1 kidney which is bigger than normal size, which is also abnormal cause normal ppl have a pair of kidney. kan? then, i cant imagine how on earth the doctor simply said, "i'm sorry but u have no chance at all to be a mummy",
AllahuAkbar. Logik ke you as a human being to say that as a final word?

But thats not the story.

The thing that i want to share is that few weeks before bersalin, the private doctor said, (of course after scan & everything) that the baby might be sumbing, a minor one. Which is inherited from her mother (in this case, that will be my sister). So later that night, she's crying. Blaming herself to caused her lovely baby such problems.

Few days later, she went to see her doctor again for the check-up. This time, it took her so long. Her appointment was set at 830am. My dad worrying back at home because at 530pm, she & her husband still in the hospital waiting for another scan result.

We she & her husband get back home, i see.. i can feel that something is wrong. Cause she obviously cried in the car on her way back while her husband patting her back.

She couldnt say it. It was her husband who explain it to us.

"Doctor say, there are possibility that the baby is syndrome down, but not to worry, if its true, we deal with it. We were hoping to have a baby. Now, if Allah say the our baby is syndrome down, we should be happy to have it. At least we have a baby,"

Aku terdiam. Aku tak leh pandai-pandai nak pujuk orang suruh sabar. Sebab sabar tu bukan mudah. Kadang-kadang salah cakap, orang bertambah menyampah. Aku cuma berdoa dalam hati, "Andai betul baby syndrome down, aku doakan Allah kuatkan kakak aku untuk tabah,"

Seriously, im not worried about my in-law. Abg Habeeb, dia sangat-sangat bijak handle this kind of situation.

Then, later that night, aku nampak akak aku dah ok, (after few hours spending her time in my bedroom-crying i guess) the browse story about handling syndrome down baby. Yes, she is ready to face the test from Allah. Of course I can see she wipe her tears off sometime whenever she read the articles.

Then, tiba hari pembedahan, at 4pm, mak call aku kata dah selamat, dapat baby girl. Whoaaa!!! We are happy!!! And now, presenting to you,

Raziyah Murshidah Habeeb

Puji-pujian untukMu Ya Allah, kerna mengurniakan bayi yang bukan sahaja sihat, tapi sempurna sifarnya. Segala Puji Hanya Untuk Mu Ya Allah. Di saat kakak ku bersedia untuk menghadapi bayi yang istimewa, Kau kurniakan bayi yang sempurna. Mungkin inilah 'hadiah' utk kedua kakak & abg ipar ku yg tabah berusaha.

Juga sepenuh rasa syukur dan terima kasih kepada semua yang mendoakan, terutama rakan-rakan usrah ku yang sama-sama mengaminkan doa Rabitah.

Allahu Akbar. Terima Kasih PadaMu Ya Allah

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