Friday, December 29, 2017

Review: Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm

23 December 2017

So we went for a wedding reception early that day and my husband says he wanted to explore the Penang area with our little family. 

First thing first, here are some heads up for anyone who wish to visit the place.
  1. Bring enough drinking water and snacks. 
  2. Wear proper attire and walking shoes - no heels! 
  3. Check their website regularly as you might miss good promotion. 
Here are the entrance fee. Be sure to bring along MyKad / MyKid to get the promotion tau.

But there is another family package offered by Entopia which is 2 Adult + 2 Kid for RM129. But wait, if any of you is a Cimb Cardmember, you can get 20% off. 

Ok, more information as per below:
  1. Each group / family will get a map as your travel guide.
  2. Surau, washroom & baby room are provided. There is coway water dispenser in the baby room. 
  3. There's F&B at the outdoor area. Not sure about the price as we do not step foot in it. 
  4. We spent about 2.5 hours in the outdoor area + another 1.5 hour indoor.
  5. So many activities can be done indoor with your kids. 
  6. There's only 1 food stall indoor which is next to the auditorium. They only sell cold drinks and slice of cakes / cookies and popcorn as well as few selection of ice cream. Popcorn alone is RM8 (I remember this because I bought the popcorn).
  7. You may go in and out of the Entopia as long as you still have the ticket (until 7pm).
And now are some picture taken from our visit to Entopia. Enjoy!



Some videos worth to share:

Overall, it was worth every penny spent. :)
I bagi 5 / 5 star.

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