Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pre-Loved: iPhone 3Gs + BlackBerry Bold 9000 For Sale!


2nd batch of pre-loved are up for sale. I only have these 2 item to let go.

(1) iPhone
Condition : Elok. Reason nak jual sebab dah beli iPhone 4. hehehe
Code : iP-W-O-001
Model : iPhone 3Gs, 32GB capacity
Colour : White
Price : RM1,300
Status : Sold

picture taken from Apple official website. Real-life image will be posted later.

(2) BlackBerry Bold
Condition : Elok. Reason nak jual sebab dah beli BlackBerry Torch. hehe
Code : BB-B-B-001
Model : BlackBerry Bold 9000
Colour : Black
Harga : RM550
Status : Sold

without case

selepas case dipakaikan ke BB Bold.

As usual, if anyone interested in any of the 2nd batch's item, please email. Tak rosak ye. Elok lagi. Cuma sebab dah beli yg latest model, yg lama takkan nk buang kan?


Cash on Delivery.

1 comment:

anis syazwani said...

hmm..i think you better give me as a present..haha

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